Apply zombile effect with photoshop

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Surely you all know this person is right, the character is doing the rain on the net for the past few days. That's a cute and cute quiz.

A guide to pairing photos taken with the discipline is very unique.

Today I will guide you to graft the picture together with it offline, say is cute but look scary too.

Self-portraits with cute subjects

First of all, first download the software Topaz Remask and install, this is good software background separation and easy, you can see the download instructions and basic use here /huong-dan-photoshop/topaz-remask-phan-mem-tach-nen-cuc-manh-nhanh-de-va-dep-b10.html

Then open your photo then insert the image of the above into the picture.

Self-portraits with cute subjectsNext, select the primer layer and select Filter> Topaz Labs to open the background separation software.

Self-portraits with cute subjects When the background splash software opens, you take the blue pen around the edge of the scales, green to the ellipse, and the red to the background. Finally click on the apple image above to preview and press COMPUTE MASK and then OK to proceed to the background and transfer to Photoshop. The following results

Self-portraits with cute subjects

Use the transform tool (Ctrl + T) to stretch and move to the right of your shoulders. Next to create a sense of erection look at the shoulder behind the shoulder you have to create that shoulder overlap by the following.

Select your photo layer, go to Filter> Topaz Labs then paint a border on your shoulders, to keep a few as you like.

Self-portraits with cute subjects

Then press COMPUTE MASK, press OK. Now that you've separated the shoulder into a new layer, drag that layer over the penis.

Next to the skin color changes like the erection. Create a new layer at the top, change the Blend Mode to Hue or Color depending on image, here select Hue. Then copy the color to the ellipse surface using the Eyedropper tool (I).

 Then use that colored pen to leenmawjt yourself.

Self-portraits with cute subjects

Ok, continue to select the eye area of ​​the test, then press Ctrl + J to duplicate it. Press Ctrl + T to drag and tune into your eyes.

Self-portraits with cute subjects

Then use the eraser (E) to open the border around it.


Self-portraits with cute subjects


Duplicate that eye layer (Ctrl + J) and rotate it to the other side of your eye like this.

Self-portraits with cute subjects


Create a new layer on top of the blend mode to Soft Light and reduce the opacity to 20-30%.

Pink color on your cheeks is ok

Self-portraits with cute subjects

Almost done, now select the blue layer and whiten the white part.

Self-portraits with cute subjects

Finally let the colors be more beautiful and the two characters merge into a new Color Lookup.

Self-portraits with cute subjects

Create properties window select 3DLUT File, choose the mode you find suitable, here you choose Kodak 5205 Fuji ...

You can watch the video here for more details


This is the PSD link for you to refer to and have the background image