Contribute and report bugs on the design on the  PhotoOX

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Contribute and report bugs on designs on the PhotoOxy page.

Welcome to PhotoOxy .

We are so happy and proud that PhotoOxy brings beautiful templates to everyone . To get more beautiful templates, we would be very grateful if you help us by:
1. Report

During the design process, there will be many errors in words, colors or images. Let us know.

2. Suggest

You can comment on a product that is not perfect. Or comment on a design you like that is not on the designcold. Please send us a message with illustrations and we will try to put it on the site for you to use.

3. Contribute

If you have a nice PSD design please send it to us. If your design appears on DesignCold we will leave the name and link to the author that is you. Or if the design is high value we will give you a corresponding amount.

Please contact us via fanpage

Remember to like to update new products as well.

If you feel this site is useful you can sponsor here, sincerely thanks

Sincerely thank.