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For those of you who might want to have Avatar League of Legends, photooxy has website recommendations that you can use. Through the website, your Avatar will be in the form of videos and moves you know! You can also add a name to make it better.

Hi Summoners!

Is Photooxy , the website that helps you make Avatar Video with ease. You only need to select some of the available champion options, the Border Rank you want (Bronze to Challenger), then add your name.

You can see step by step through the picture below.

1. Choose the Avatar Champion you want

real avatar web 1

2. Select the Tier Badge you want, for example Tier Challenger

real avatar web 0

3. Then enter your name through the text box below

real avatar web 3

5. When done, then click OK

real avatar web 4

Congratulations! the video you created has become. You can see the result video from what you have created by pressing the play button available. You can also save it by clicking on the save menu on the left, or share button to share it to your Facebook account. While the Remake menu serves to recreate this avatar.

Video player

How about Summoners? Cool result? Not only moving pictures, this video also has sound effects and songs are fairly cool. Unfortunately, not all champions are available for now. So you can only choose the available champion template for Video Avatar.


Actually, in addition to Avatar Video there are several other features you can use . Starting from writing Pentakill logo, Twitch, and so on. You can use this custom avatar to fill your social media picture profile (like Facebook and Instagram).

Oh yes, Hasagi also thanks to Summoner named Seno Ashta who has told the author about this cool custom avatar this one.

Good luck guys!